ARTIST BIO – Christian Slayer

Inspired by sound design masterminds like Hans Zimmer, Christian Slayer peels back layers to create a multifaceted experience for his audience. Hailing from Los Angeles, the Christian Slayer persona takes influence from early roots of punk rock, heavy metal, and theatrical soundtracks, which has molded a unique and darker taste for dance music in his sets. 

Mastering guitar at a young age and learning the intricacies of sound and visual design has made Christian Slayer’s 2-year mixing tenure exude miles past that. An entertainer of all genres, Slayer’s keen ear to blending genres leaves his audience wondering what he’ll be playing next.

The enigma that’s become Christian Slayer symbolizes a cursor to creativity, and his entrepreneurial and persistent spirit shines bright to inspire his audience with an experiential set. As he continues the momentum to a successful DJ-producer career, his goal is to also pave a path to influence others to do the same.

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