ARTIST BIO – Tommy Church

Dawning out of Norfolk, Virginia, Tommy Church moved to California to pursue his passion in music and make a career dealing beats. Describing melodic powerhouses Tale of Us and Lane 8 as “his happy place”, Church’s sets draw inspiration from the Afterlife and This Never Happened imprints with the goal of executing soulful symphonies to ultimately create an unforgettable set. Church’s ability to skillfully mix techno and house always dominates the dancefloor, but his eye to pivot on a whim to keep up the crowd’s momentum is what really makes him shine in the spotlight.

In 2019, Tommy Church’s music career took off as he refined his sound design throughout the pandemic. Hungry to learn more, Church attended classes at Icon Collective in 2022 to further develop his skill set. The San Diego based artist has built his brand in the local scene, performing at music hotspots like Rich’s as well as securing a spot at the 2023 San Diego Pride Festival. Also being a continuous supporter and veteran of the Groove Cruise family for 8 years, the aspiring artist already understands the importance of community when it comes to curating the vibe and setting the tone for his sets, which landed him a spot on Groove Cruise’s roster in 2022.

5 years later, Tommy Church prepares to take his producing career to the next level by utilizing his deep love for melodic techno and tech house to make magic through his artistry. As he continues his search to uncover the sound that separates himself from the rest, Church’s skillful mastery of highlighting soulful music with a fresh new twist is enough to capture the audience’s attention and have them praying for more.

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